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Frequently Asked Questions

Catering and Events

Q: Are guests allowed to bring in their own decorations?
A: Yes. All decorations must be approved by management. Any damage to any finish as a result of the decorations will have to be paid for by the guest. Guests must clean up those decorations at the end of the event.

Q: Can I bring my own cake?
A: Yes. Please inquiry with your local restaurant about plating fees.

Q: Do you do catering deliveries?
A: We can bring our great food to you, or you can choose to let our staff help in any way needed.

Q: Do you ever close the restaurant for private events?
A: Yes.
We offer the finest in corporate dining options for your organization’s client dinners, team dinners, and company functions. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Q: Do you have private dining rooms?
A: We offer the finest in private dining options for social events, client dinners, team dinners, and company functions. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Q: Do you have references?
A: Please see our feedback page to read what our catering clients have said about Havana Central events. If you feel you’d like more information, please feel free to call us.

Q: Do you provide flowers or other event and entertainment services?
A: Yes. We work closely with many prominent special event planners in the area. Florists will bill directly to the client. We can also suggest a wide range of musicians and disc jockeys available in the area.

Q: Do you provide valet parking?
Yes. These services are contracted through independent service agencies. We are happy to coordinate these services for your event.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Email [email protected].

Q: I may need a tent. Can you provide one?
A: We can arrange a tent rental for your event. Typically, rental companies for tents bill the client directly and require a deposit before installation.

Q: I’m not very confident when it comes to choosing the best wines to pair with my food selections, how can you help?
A: Our team is well-versed in matching wine to food and can recommend or select for you the best wine in your price range. Our wine prices (per bottle) are highly competitive and we offer the added advantage of charging you only for bottles opened, with no left-over, unused inventory.

Q: Some of my guests are vegetarian. How will you accommodate them?
A: We are happy to provide vegetarian or other special menu choices, as needed, to please your guests.

Q: What beverage services do you provide?
A: Full bar services can be provided for parties large and small. However, Havana Central specializes in Mojitos, Margaritas and Sangrias. Beverage costs themselves are billed by number of bottles opened. Corkage fees can be discussed.

Q: What if our company is tax exempt?
A: To qualify as New York State Tax Exempt, you must provide us with the “NEW YORK STATE & LOCAL SALES & USE TAX, Exempt Organization Exempt Purchase Certificate” Tax Form # ST-119.1 (702). Payment must be made by company check or a company credit card. We cannot accept cash payments for tax exempt organizations.

Q: What kind of food do you cater?
A: We cater any food on our menu that you feel would fit your event needs. The Havana Central catering department has expanded our menu expertise to include Pan-Latin cuisine (food from all areas of Central and South America as well as Spain). We also can, and have, catered food that is not on our menu, and is not typically Cuban. Basically the staff at Havana Central is available to make your event a successful one by accommodating any food preferences you desire.

Q: When do I need to decide on a final guest count? What happens if that number goes up or down shortly before or the day of the event?
A: We require your final minimum guest count one (1) week prior to your event. This number will be used to establish ordering quantities for food, rentals, numbers of staff, etc. After this final guaranteed minimum number is given, we will make every effort to accommodate increases to your final count made within three (3) business days of your event, but we cannot lower your final count for billing purposes after the first deadline.

Q: When do I need to reserve a date on your calendar?
A: As soon as you have a specific date in mind, contact us to reserve that date on our calendar. Some events are booked a year in advance! Normally, we need 10 days advance notice to plan an event, although some can be arranged in less time.

Q: Where do you cater? Can you cater at….?
A: Havana Central is a full-service catering company with its own refrigerated trucks, heating cabinets, etc. We cater to the entire New York, tri-state area. We can cater at your business, home, or banquet room, or we have a dining room available for your use.


Q: Is there a need to reserve a table?
A: If you are coming in with a large party we suggest you make a reservation in advance in order to guarantee appropriate seating. In the case of smaller parties, we always suggest you make a reservation however, we always try to accommodate walk-ins at all times.

Q: Are children welcome?
A: Always! Havana Central has a simple children’s menu and provides crayons and paper to keep the little ones occupied.

Q: Are you serving during the holidays?
A: Havana Central is open every day of the year accept for Christmas Day, December 25th. (and Thanksgiving in some locations)

Q: Can we bring in our own wine?
A: Usually, we do not allow liquor that is not provided by Havana Central. Please discuss with your Havana Central Event Planner for further details.

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards and checks?
A: We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Sorry we do not accept checks.

Q: Do you accommodate large parties?
A: Havana Central can accommodate parties up to 250 people. However, all parties over 10 people will be handled by our Large Party Booking expert.

Q: Do you have a wine list?
A: Havana Central has a carefully selected list of wines from Central and South America as well as Spain. All wines are selected for superior taste and value.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: We offer gift certificates of any denomination up to $500. Please click here to purchase physical & digital cards:

Q: Do you provide entertainment during dinner hours?
A: Havana Central has a terrific live music program at most locations. Please consult our online music calendars or call the specific location of interest.

Q: Is there wheel chair access?
A: Yes, at all locations.

Q: What type of food do you serve at Havana Central?
A: Havana Central focuses on real Cuban “home cooking”. These are dishes that are familiar to Cubans who grew up in a traditional Cuban hoursehold. In addition, many of these dishes are familiar to many guests of Latin-American origins.